We are Express Freight!

A family run business that started with an aspiration to bring a more customer focused transport service to the Auckland market.

With 17 plus years in the transport industry, we started to see the lack of enthusiasm and commitment to provide a solution based service tailor made to suit individual clients. It became not only the norm but a lack of trying to understand the evolving transportation industry. Life was simpler when freight was booked the previous day and you arrive at work ready to dispatch all the trucks out. Anything booked in the course of the day was put in the ‘too hard’ basket and left to be dealt with the next day.

That is where we come in!! We do not want the ordinary, the same thing day in day out, here at EFL we want to work around your schedule. Throw us the curve ball in the middle of the day, even push us to the last pickup that needs to be done an hour before the doors shut. That’s what we do, we thrive on the unexpected! We work to your demands be it a collection that needs to be done in the middle of the night or freight that requires to be in a town 6 hours away urgently, we will find a way. We took the too hard basket and lit fire to it. NO is simply not an option.

The entire Management team at EFL come from an operational background in the point to point transport industry; affiliated in various aspect of the business from driving, dispatching and management. We pride ourselves in being experts at what we do, we move trucks like no one can.

Talk to us not because we are just another transport company, talk to us about finding solutions and how we can add value to you, your team and your customers. We aren’t that 30 year old company that is set in their ways, we are here to be innovative and adapt to the changing environment. The world has evolved, everything is on demand and so is your freight; talk to us here at Express Freight and Logistics, a transport company that can ensure you meet that demand.

Our Mission

  • Tailor Making Transport Solutions
  • 100% on Time Performance
  • No freight is left behind
  • Be an active community partner
  • Maintain high ethical standards
  • Create an attractive working environment
  • We ensure complete security
  • Drive Continuous Improvement

Our Partners

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